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The Mental Game

Sports men and women train their bodies and practice to develop their technique. But most overlook one of the most important muscles of all… the brain. Matthew utilises NLP, Sports Hypnosis, Inner Game and neuroscience strategies to promote peak performance.

Matthew delivers highly effective, practical tools golfers and sports people need to achieve successful and commanding results. Your present ability level in golf is a result of your current patterns and habits. Your future level will be the same unless you change these limiting patterns.

Definition of Insanity: “ doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.“ Albert Einstein  

Matthew hosts regular workshops on the mental game, these are dynamic and inspiring group sessions that provide the ideal platform from which you will start to develop your new performance mind-set.

What should you expect from a workshop?

You will learn proven ideas and methods that really work, having been tested at the highest levels of sports.
You will interact and learn from other players and sports people who share similar challenges, questions, problems… and successes!
You will leave feeling refreshed, empowered and eager to apply the new skills and tools. And you will immediately show results.

For more information or to book a mental game session please contact Matthew or a member of his Professional Team on 01565 873620 or email  

"In a world where there are not too many distinctions in information and delivery Matthew Gillingham stands out. Over the past few years Matthew has invested in his continued development as a coach who can help players and groups get results that go beyond scoring low but real personal bests"

Jamie Edwards,
Owner Trained Brain 

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