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Wilmslow Golf Club

Dress Code

The Wilmslow Golf Club Visitor Guide PDF We would be grateful if you would comply with the following dress code whilst at the Club which is required for the greater enjoyment of all members and visitors:

The Club expects all members, their guests, and visitors to comply with this Code, which is designed for the greater enjoyment of all and to maintain the status of The Wilmslow Golf Club. It relies on everyone using their common sense and sound judgement. Whilst hoping that it will not prove necessary to exercise this power, the Club reserves the right to prohibit any person, who is wearing unsuitable attire, from using the course and/or the clubhouse.


  • Smart golf wear, including proper golf shoes, should be of a type sold by any golf professional or golf shop.
  • Men’s collared Shirts should be tucked in at all times, even if designed to be worn untucked.
  • Knee length shorts should be smart, tailored and predominantly of a single colour. Any length of white sports sock is acceptable. Blue denim jeans are not permitted.
  • Caps must be worn with the peak to the front
  • Whilst use of the locker rooms is encouraged, shoes (but not clothes), may be changed in the car park.


  • Smart casual wear is acceptable except where more formal dress is required by the Club or by organisers of a function. Smart jeans, including dark blue denim, are permitted.
  • Caps must not be worn upstairs in the clubhouse. Outdoor clothing such as waterproofs, overcoats, headwear, and gloves, should not be worn in the club house apart from in the locker rooms.
  • A Jacket and tie is required for a Club prize presentation, unless otherwise stated.


The following are examples of unacceptable dress on the course, on the practice ground and in the clubhouse: Rugby, soccer or similar sports attire, cargo trousers or cargo shorts, beach shorts, tracksuits, ripped denim, flip-flops, trousers visibly tucked into socks.

Other than in an emergency, the use of mobile phones is forbidden both on the course and in the clubhouse except where being used to check diaries and/or input scores.


The making and receiving of telephone calls by mobile phones is prohibited on the golf course and in the clubhouse except in the case of a medical emergency.They may be used discreetly in the locker rooms and car park providing no disturbance is caused to others.


To comply with the law no smoking is permitted anywhere within the clubhouse building or outbuildings. Smoking on the terrace outside the main lounge and under the Men's entrance canopy (adjacent to the Professional's shop) will be permitted. Staff shall be fully empowered to enforce the ban.

In the interests of all, please respect and observe this code as it causes embarrassment if members or visitors need to be reminded.

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